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A selection of Paul Rampell’s media appearances

Paul Rampell appeared on The Today Show in 1998 to discuss his book Immortality Made Easy.

An excerpt from Paul Rampell’s 1998 Today appearance

“Writing a will is really making up instructions for gifts, and making gifts can be very enjoyable and fun. Writing a will isn’t some sort of near death experience. It has a lot more to do with giving to the living than it has to do with death or dying.”

Paul Rampell appeared on NPR in August 2013 to discuss wedleases

Paul Rampell’s appearance on NPR

“A wedlease is a combination of the words wedlock and lease. Two people commit themselves to a written contract for a period of years. The marital lease can be renewed at the end of the term however many times that the couple likes.

Is living together a sin? I don’t know. But a wedlease could be an article of virtue.

Anybody who wants to marry Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan ought to have a wedlease. … I’m trying to help the many people who face divorce.

Paul Rampell appeared on The Washington Post TV in 2013 to discuss wedleases

Paul Rampell’s appearance on Washington Post TV

The conclusion of the marriage may be as easy and as amicable as moving out of a rental apartment.”