Paul Rampell, Esq.

08/18/2013 - Washington Post TV - “Wedlease” interview with Paul Rampell

08/13/2013 - Would some marriages be better if couples signed “wedleases”?

08/04/2013 - A high divorce rate means it’s time to try “wedleases.”

06/24/2013 - Palm Beach attorney Paul Rampell reminds us Town Council OK'd Mar-a-Lago Club plan 20 years ago today.

3/10/2011 - Karp-Castle compromise over proposed guest addition gets Town Council approval


2/12/2011 - Law is clear: Property owners have rights to their water views


2/17/2011 - More mediation slated for Castle-Karp dispute


1/26/2011 - ARCOM rejects revised plan for Karp addition; calls for 'more friendly’ options

1/23/2011 - Castles, Karps feuding over ocean view, addition to home near former Kennedy property

3/1/2010 - ARCOM defers decision on home addition


4/29/2010- ARCOM rejects addition to home north of former Kennedy estate


7/14/2010 - Former Kennedy estate vista preserved; council upholds ARCOM denial of neighbor's addition


12/7/2010 - Mediator announces agreement between town, Karps


7/17/2008 - Trump Closes Sale on 95 (100) Million Dollar Home in Palm Beach


1998 - Paul Rampell on The Today Show

12/25/1992 - Mansion Muddle Financial Woes Leave Mar-a-lago With An Uncertain Future.


10/1/1989 - NYT - For U.S. Coins, a Great Day Is About to Dawn; Eliminate All Bills


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